Horn Spindle Drawings & Results

Sept 12, 1 PM Entries are now closed. Winning numbers of the horn spindles will be published in a new post. ETA 2:25pm Sorry YarnTools site host WordPress is having troubles uploading the result post so, here are the numbers:

Congratulations to everyone whose number was drawn! The PayPal invoices, or email notices will be sent out soon.

Horn Spindle H36    #8
Horn Spindle H37    #6
Horn Spindle H38    #2
Horn Spindle H39    #15
Horn Spindle H40    #5
Horn Spindle H41    #5
Horn Spindle H42    #11
Horn Spindle H43    #9
Horn Spindle H44    #20

Sept 5
Carefully read all the entry instructions; entries not following these instructions will be ignored.
Do Not enter if you already own one of Ed’s Horn Spindles.
Each Horn spindle pictured below will have its own separate drawing. 
Limit of one entry choice per person.

1. Email your entry  until 1 pm (Pacific Time) Monday, September 12th
spin @ yarntools . com (remove spaces)

2.  In the Subject Heading: The spindle you’d like. Nothing else is necessary.
Example: H40

3.  Include in your email:
John Doe
USA         Phone:   505-050-5005
PayPal works with this email
Spindle H40

(Note: The mailing address on your PayPal account is considered your official address.)

Drawing Numbers will be assigned to people in the order in which they are submitted. You’ll receive your individual number within 2 days. No emails are handled between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. If entry is emailed Saturday afternoon a reply with your number will be sent by 10 am on Monday the 12th. (All times given are Pacific Daylight Time)

Each spindle is assigned its own set of number : If #4 pops up for H40, as drawn by the RNG, then the person who was assigned #4 for H40 will be able to buy Spindle H40.

The winning numbers for each spindle will be posted here at 2:00 pm on Sept 12th. The winners will be sent a PayPal invoice. (or an email with mailing directions if the winner prefers to pay with check or M.O.)

Horn Spindles are $80 and $85  The people whose numbers are drawn via on Online Random Number Generator will be responsible for paying the full price plus Postage & Packaging.
If you have any questions about the Horn drawings please email spin @ yarntools . com

Each spindle is shown with a top view and a side view. Limit of one entry choice per person.

Horn Spindle H36   19 grams,  $80 
Horn36 19g H36 sideview

Horn Spindle H37   13 grams,  $80
H37 13g H37 sideview








Horn Spindle H38   17 grams,  $85
H38 17g H38 side17g

Horn Spindle H39   18 grams,  $85
H39 18g
H39 side18g








Horn Spindle H40   31 grams,  $85
H40 31g H40 Sideview 31g








Horn Spindle H41  46 grams, $85
H41 46g H41 side 46g







Horn Spindle H42     25 grams,   $85
H42 25g H42 side 25g

Horn Spindle H43    25 grams, $85
H43 25g H43 Side 25g

Horn Spindle H44     22 grams, $85
H44 22g H44 Side 22g

Ed has been able to make less than 4 dozen horn spindles in over four years of trying to make them.
Suitable horn with a workable quality, length, and thickness has been challenging to source.  The spindles above have been made from different types of horns. He’s worked with Jacob, Icelandic and other types. Generally the white ones are Icelandic.  








  1. Can we enter or more than one?

    1. Thanks for asking! The restriction to one spindle will be added.

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