Two groups of Aegeans

The following sixteen Aegeans will be available in the Store this week, divided into two groups of eight each. Please look them over and decide which one you’d like to try to buy when the time comes.
Group 1 will appear on August 30th at 10 am, Pacific Daylight Time.
Group 2 will be available Wednesday, August 31st at 6 pm PDT. Scroll past Group 1 for their pictures.
When they are available in the Store they will have Buy Now buttons.
Limit of One Aegean out of the sixteen will be enforced. If you already own an Aegean, please allow those who’ve been trying to get their first Jenkins spindle this opportunity to buy one.
Group 1 Tues Aug 30th 10 amA241 Cherry 16g

A252 Manzanita 19g

A248 Mahogany 18g

A256 Figured Bigleaf Maple 18g

A261 Osage Orange 28g

A286 Figured Bigleaf Maple 15g

A299 Holly 21g

A310 Carob 21g

Group 2, Wednesday August 31st 6 pm Pacific Daylight Time
A257 Figured Bigleaf Maple 22g

A259 Birdseye Maple 20g

A272 Hawthorne 23g

A281 Cherry 16g

A283 Laurel 15g

A284 Mahogany 16g

A300 Holly 21g

A309 Carob 19g


  1. I would be interested in one of the smaller spindles. They are just so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Ginny! The best way to be notified of new spindle updates in the Store is to RSS the link at the bottom of the YarnTools Blog where preview pictures of upcoming spindles are posted ahead of time along with the date & time the spindles will appear in the Store. An announcement is also posted on the YarnTools FaceBook page for those who use FB.
      Best wishes!

  2. Interested in spindles. Will this allow notification?

    1. Thanks! If you RSS the Blog (click on the icon at the bottom of the Blog page and put in your email) then you’ll be notified of new blog posts.

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