Tuesday Egrets

These seven Egrets will fly into the Store at 11:30 a.m. August 23rd, Pacific Time. When they appear in the Store they will have Buy Now buttons which will take you through PayPal checkout. If you already own an Egret, please allow those who’ve been trying to get their first Jenkins spindle this opportunity to buy one.

Regular price of Egrets is $62 unless otherwise noted below. Some of these are priced higher due to either the wood being quite expensive or the wood is harder for Ed to find; once he has used up his supply he has no idea when or if he’ll be able to get more.

Apricot Egret $65
E108 Apricot 36g

E129 Holly 37g

Lacebark Elm $68
E123 Lacebark Elm 37g

Native Pacific Northwest Bigleaf Maple
E60 Figured Bigleaf Maple 33g

Koa $65
E29 Koa 30g

E64 English Walnut 38g

E31 English Walnut 32g


  1. I would be interested in either of the English Walnut, or the Koa Egret spindles. How do I get one of These?

    1. Thanks for your interest! As stated in the Blog, they’ll be in the Store at 11:30 today (Pacific Time). I will clarify the post with this additional information: At 11:30 the spindles will appear in the Store with Buy Now buttons. Check out is through PayPal.

  2. A good friend of mine has your spindles and I want to get one but every time I look, you are sold out.

    1. They sell out within minutes of putting them in the store. If you RSS the Blog (click on the icon at the bottom of the Blog page and put in your email) then you’ll be notified of new blog posts which is where we put preview pictures of the next batch of spindles, usually the day before they appear in the Store. Don’t give up! Keep trying and eventually you’ll get one. 🙂

      1. Thank you. I will watch for your next notice. Jack R.

  3. I got to spin with one of the smaller spindles on spin out in public day this past weekend. It was so effortless! Now I’m looking forward to trying my luck at trying to buy one of my own.

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