Finches for Saturday

The following Finches will be in the Store at 8:30 Saturday morning, Aug 20th. Pacific Daylight Time.  Limit of 1 spindle per update.
Egrets will be posted on the 23rd. The time will be announced when their preview pictures are added to the blog on Monday.
F13 Patagonia Rosewood 13g F21 Desert Ironwood 14g F33 Dalmata 12g F35 Ebony 14g F38 Patagonia Rosewood 12g F53 Birdseye Maple 10g F55 Mora 11g F64 Lilac 11g F65 Lilac 11g F83 Amazon Rosewood 10g F79 African Blackwood 13g F104 Holly 8g F126 Carob 9g F129 Fig 8g

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  1. Yet another beautiful group of turkish spindles!!!

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