Swans on Monday

Swans will appear in the website Store on Monday at 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time! Please remember, there is a limit of ONE spindle per a day’s update.
We appreciate your thoughtfulness if you have a Swan in allowing people who are trying to get their very first Swan this opportunity to buy.

Finches will follow a couple of days later – day & time to be announced. Egrets will follow the Finches.

S25 Hawthorne 44g
S 112 Bloodwood 51g
S35 Burmese Blackwood 49g
S64 Osage Orange 48g
S74 Hickory 57g
S115 Canary 40g
S117 Canary 43g
S121 Redheart 43g
S123 Spalted Tamarind 39g
S124 Spalted Tamarind 42g
S111 Mora 54 g


  1. Oh my! They’re all so gorgeous! Keeping my fingers crossed for my very first Swan!!!

    1. Best Wishes!

  2. Ooh – I hope one of these will be my first Jenkins!

  3. Kindly add my name to your email list. Thank you

    1. Thanks for asking! RSS the YarnTools Blog and you’ll receive an email of new postings which are announced on the Blog and through the YarnTools FB page.
      I had to give up emailing a list: Every time I used bulk emailing in the past our IP has been blacklisted as a spammer.

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