July 20th Aegeans & Larks

These eight Aegeans will be posted in the Store at 1 pm, Pacific Daylight Time, Wednesday July 20st, followed by seven Larks at 4 pm. The Lark pictures are now posted below the Aegeans.

Please remember, the limit of one spindle per day’s update be enforced. If you already have an Aegean and a Lark then please give those who are trying to buy their very first Jenkins this opportunity to buy one. Thanks!

A229 Ash 20g

A220 Carob 22g

A26 Cherry 16g

A233 Chinkapin 16g

A314 Hawthorne 22g

A109 Manzanita 23g

A132 Bigleaf Maple 17g

A81 Honey Mesquite 16g

Preview pictures of the seven Larks. The spindles will be in the Store at 4 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
L137 Amazon Rosewood 20g

L124 Bloodwood 23g

L145 Bubinga 23g

L88 Burmese Blackwood 28g

L113 Hawthorne 20g

L38 Honduran Rosewood 25g

L58 Mora 21g


  1. Wow, they look great! ♥

  2. What absolutely gorgeous spindles! I’m sure you made some people very happy with obtaining one of them. Thank-you for providing such beautiful and quality spindles to us spinners!

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