July 13th Egrets

Some of the dust from June is settling. Slowly we’re both getting back into the spindle routine. It’ll be the second week of August life is back to a more regular pattern. Last week we had various visitors dropping in or having a meal on different days. Some expected, some with little warning. We loved our times together with friends and family, and while it wrecks havoc on getting much done in the shop or office we want to take advantage of being able to ease back, relax, pull weeds and spade dirt in our almost non-existent garden. We’re looking forward to planting some seeds next week for late autumn, cool weather crops.

Larks and perhaps Aegeans will be in the Store by the middle of next week.

Ten Egrets which will be available in the YarnTools Store with Add to Cart buttons at 4:30 pm (PDT) Wednesday July 13th.
E114 Elm 36g

E88 KS Osage Orange 45g

E85 Manzanita 41g

E83 Koa 30g

E54 Cherry 36g

E41 Hawthorne 38g

E36 Apple 36g

E26 Bigleaf Maple 35g

E11 English Walnut 28g

E10 Black Mesquite 34gWhile they’re all set to appear at 4:30 p.m., it’s quite unpredictable, and puzzling, why some of them can be delayed for a few minutes.


  1. I have been wanting an egret. Missed the date. would love to be notified when new spindles come available

    1. Thanks for your interest! The best way to find out about upcoming spindles is to RSS our blog (the RSS symbol looks like a sound symbol at the bottom of the blog page) and / or Like our Facebook page if you are on FB. These are the two places where announcements are made of new spindles.

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