Drawn Aegean Numbers

Thanks to all who entered in to the drawing! The closing time for submitting your entry was 2 pm Pacific Time (as stated in the drawing instructions).

Nine people tried to guess the name of the music represented on the Cherry spindle. It is the first three notes to the 2nd movement, the Largo, of Antone Dvorak’s 9th Symphony, those who got it right received a bonus number – of which one turned out to be one of the drawn numbers.

Congratulations to the people who have the number that was drawn via an online random number generator for each specific spindle!  PayPal invoices will be coming later this evening to those people with the winning numbers. Right now it’s time to fix supper, our bike ride this afternoon worked up an appetite.

Number drawn for Lilac A202:    9A202 Lilac 25g

Number drawn for Lilac A203:   32
A203 Lilac 24g

Number drawn for Lilac A204:   57
A204 Lilac 25g

Number drawn for Lilac A205:   45
A205 Lilac 27g

Number drawn for Apricot A210:   5     This spindle received the most entries.
A210 Apricot 19g

Number drawn for Cherry A213:  8

A213 Cherry 18g