Aegeans for Drawings!

May 24 There’s to be another drawing! Make that six drawings for Aegeans. It doesn’t cost you anything, other than following the instructions, to enter the drawing. The numbers will be drawn and posted here on Monday, May 30th by 6:15 pm (Pacific Time). Posted below are pictures of the four Lilac, one Cherry, and one rare Apricot Aegeans for the drawings.

Each Aegean will have its own, separate drawing, with its own unique set of drawing numbers assigned.

You may enter for 1 Aegean. Decide which one you’d like most, or think will have the better odds.

If you’ve not participated in our spindle drawings before please carefully read and follow these instructions! If you’ve participated before, read them again.

Instructions must be followed to be eligible:

1) Email the following info to  Comments here or at FB will not count as entries.

2) In the Subject Heading write the name of the Aegean you’re entering for
Example: ALilac A204
DO NOT leave the subject heading blank – emails without the spindle number will be deleted without being opened.

3) In the body of the email:
* Your Name
* Zip Code or International – Country and phone number
* The Aegean you want to be entered for: Lilac A204
Entering the spindle number twice – once in the subject line & again in the body –  verifies that it is indeed the one you’re entering for.

4) You may enter once for the one Aegean you’d love to be able to buy.
Within 24 hours you’ll receive a reply with your unique number for that spindle. Numbers will be assigned in the order that the emails are received for each separate Aegean.
Emails are only processed in batches when I’m at the office computer so please don’t expect a quick response. Our out-of-state family will be here from Friday – Sunday. If you have not received a confirmation number by noon (Pacific Time) on May 30th please check to see that you sent it to the correct email and followed all the instructions then try sending a new entry email.

5) Closing time for entries will be at 2:00 p.m., PDT, Monday May 30th. Entries between noon and 2 will receive replies later in the afternoon. We’ve decided it’s too beautiful to not ride bikes this afternoon. The winning numbers for each drawings will be posted in a new blog post by 6:15 pm May 30th.
PayPal invoices will be sent to the six people with the drawn numbers.

The price of the spindle is posted with each spindle, S&H will be $6.30 – domestic; $9.30 – Canadian; $13.30 – International.

Lilac A202
A202 Lilac 25g

Lilac A203
A203 Lilac 24g

Lilac A204
A204 Lilac 25g

Lilac A205
A205 Lilac 27g

Apricot A210    It’s not often that Ed gets his hands on lovely Apricot!
A210 Apricot 19g

Cherry A213  ($56 + S&H)
A213 Cherry 18g
There’s a built in game with this Cherry Aegean: Those three notes are the beginning of a tune! What tune do those 3 notes represent?
Hint 1: They are the first three of a beloved song by a composer during a visit to the USA. Hint 2: It’s taken from the 2nd movement. As a young child taking piano lessons I learned it in a simpler key than originally written by the composer.
If you guess the tune correctly (in your email submission) you will be assigned 2 numbers to increase your odds in the drawing!