Two sets of Six Larks

The following Larks will be posted in the Store in two different groups so that people in various time zones will have the chance to buy a Lark Tuesday, May 10th.

The limit of One (1) spindle per day will be enforced. Please give those who’ve been trying to get their first Jenkins spindle if you already have a Lark,  and/or you will be attending one of the June fiber shows where we will be selling spindles:
Palouse Fiber Festival   June 17 – 19
Black Sheep Gathering   June 24 – 26

First six available at 10 a.m., Pacific Time. Add to Cart buttons will be visible along with the spindles for sale.
L120 Pink Ivory 24g L112 Hawthorne19g L132 Kingwood 25g L100 Burmese Blackwood 21g L125 Bolivian Rosewood 21g L123 Bloodwood 23 gNote: The morning and afternoon Bloodwood Larks look basically the same – the color is more true in this top picture.

This second group will be available in the Store at 3:30 p.m. May 10th. 
L98 Bloodwood 21g  Note: This bloodwood spindle looks more like the one above; a darker red.

L127 Burmese Blackwood 26 L126 Bolivian Rosewood 23g L134 US Osage Orange 25g L135 Pink Ivory 25g L115 Kingwood 24g