Seven Egrets, Two Delights

For the sake of the many who’ve been trying to purchase their first Jenkins spindle:

There is a limit of one spindle per day’s update. If someone can’t resist buying a second one the second spindle purchase will be remoked  and the money refunded, minus $2.

If you have an Egret or a Delight please consider passing up this opportunity to give others the chance to buy. Thanks!

New to our spindles? Check out the Spindle Style Comparison page to learn about the differences between Ed’s six distinctly different styles of spindles.

First up the Egrets at 3 pm, May 5th (Pacific Time)
E118 Holly 36g E117 Holly 36g E111 Cherry 29g E104 Bigleaf Maple 32g E97 Cherry 30g E90 English Walnut 34g E84 Koa 33gTwo Redheart Delights will appear in the Store at 3:15 pm May 5th
D110 Redheart 22g D111 Redheart 22g


  1. Beautiful spindles … practicing restraint and spinning skills on my Swan >’.'<


  2. gorgeous and dreamy spindles as usual! 🙂
    You are such an amazing artist Ed! Ed, Wanda, you two together create such magic to the spinning world and arts.

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