Seven Egrets and two Delights will be coming to the Store on Thursday, May 5th at 3 p.m. Pacific Time. Preview pictures will be posted here by Tuesday late afternoon. The spindles will appear in the Store available to buy at the designated time with Add to Cart buttons.

Larks will be added to the Store by next Tuesday, the 10th – time to be announced after they’ve been made.

After dropping a 14 pound cast iron vise on his big toe only to turn around the next day and have another heavy tool fall on the other foot Ed knew he needed a break from the intense spindle making schedule that he’d been under for months. He spent a couple of days cleaning and reorganizing the shop, cutting tree limbs into manageable sizes before coating the fresh cut ends with wax.
DSC02738All this sawdust will help keep down weeds in the yet to be planted garden. (There was lots more by the time he was finished.)DSC02793He also painted the ceiling of the back porch. Today he’s back in the shop making Larks.

Meanwhile, the Aurora Colony Handspinners‘ guild held their annual Spring Tea Spinning Day last Thursday.
DSC02809 DSC02795 Judith MacKenzie shared some of her wisdom and textiles that she’s collected over the years.DSC02823The guild also hosted a weekend of workshops all taught by Judith.  Wanda was too busy absorbing information and spinning to take pictures in the plying workshop that she took.

Happy May days everyone! Grab a spindle, go for a walk.



  1. Oh no!!! Poor Ed! He tries so hard & then some only to turn around and have this happen. *OUCH”

    Love the pictures. Especially the 1 of the little girl with her sister, Mom, etc… 🙂 I just need to eat a yogurt and then I’ll be grabbing the spindle & fiber and heading out to the pasture! 💗

    1. He’s a tough cookie. The break did him good, he’s back to making lots of noise in his woodshop sawing boards to usable sizes. The little girl is our sweet granddaughter. 🙂 Our neighbor graciously offered to take a picture as we set out on the walk.

  2. I hope that toe heals soon. Sometimes, accidents are blessings in disguise. Time off to relax a bit and spend time with grandbabies/children is a sweet surprise.

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