May 2016

Thanks to all who entered in to the drawing! The closing time for submitting your entry was 2 pm Pacific Time (as stated in the drawing instructions). Nine people tried to guess the (…Read More)

May 24 There’s to be another drawing! Make that six drawings for Aegeans. It doesn’t cost you anything, other than following the instructions, to enter the drawing. The numbers will be (…Read More)

The following Larks will be posted in the Store in two different groups so that people in various time zones will have the chance to buy a Lark Tuesday, May 10th. The limit of (…Read More)

For the sake of the many who’ve been trying to purchase their first Jenkins spindle: There is a limit of one spindle per day’s update. If someone can’t resist buying a (…Read More)

Seven Egrets and two Delights will be coming to the Store on Thursday, May 5th at 3 p.m. Pacific Time. Preview pictures will be posted here by Tuesday late afternoon. (…Read More)