Splendid Swans

The eight Swans pictured below will be available in the Store at 3 pm., Pacific Daylight Time,  Tuesday April 26th. Larks and Egrets are in the works and will be appearing within the next couple of weeks.

It’s that time of the year when we must scale back adding spindles to the online store. Unlike the past few years when we stopped online sales at the beginning of April this year we’re hoping to add at least eight spindles every week in order to meet ongoing living expenses. Starting in November we set aside some spindles from each batch that Ed makes to in order to have enough stock for this year’s show. Even with that long head start Ed’s not yet reached his goal for the numbers needed to take to the two back to back shows in June.

June 17 – 19th, Palouse Fiber Arts Festival in downtown Moscow, ID. This is a fun, personable in size festival that Shelley has lined up a terrific roster of workshop teachers, including tapestry weaver extraordinaire – Sarah Swett who often uses a Kuchulu to spin specific yarns she needs. Wanda will be teaching a workshop on spinning plant fibers with our spindles. Fun!

June 24 – 26th, Black Sheep Gathering at the Lane Co Fairgrounds in Eugene, OR. Hooray, unlike past US Olympic Track & Field trials that have always coincided in Eugene with BSG — making it impossible to find lodging after January — this year the US trials  are scheduled for the following weekend. For people coming a long distance sometimes flights into Eugene are less expensive than flying into PDX and renting a car to drive the 90 miles south.

If you’re new to our Store sign in early then when they appear don’t hesitate to put the one you like into your cart for they tend to be rapidly bought.

In the event that you put a spindle in your cart then decide not to buy it be sure to click on the tiny x delete button on the right of it in your cart so that someone else won’t have to unnecessarily wait for it to become available.

Swans to appear Apr 26th at 3 pm, Pacific Time. When they’re available they will have Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons.
S82 Bolivian Rosewood 51gS55 Borneo Rosewood 42gS71 Burmese Blackwood 50gS89 Canary 43gS61 Marblewood 61gS63 Mora 55gS79 Figured Sapele 39gS95 Spalted Tamarind 39g


  1. That spalted tamarind is gorgeous!!! Alas, to heavy for the kind of spindling that I do. But oh the lucky person who gets that one!!

  2. Dear Ed and Wanda ~

    Ed you are amazing! My lucky stars navigated the beautiful “Marblewood” Swan to my cart.
    Plying must be in my future – BLisS ~ Thank-you ! Beautiful and well-balanced spindles.
    ps ice those toes >’.'<

    Wanda you are fabulous! Thank-you for sharing Ed's spindles with us all. Thank-you for every little bitty detail that provides us with the ability – from far away – to click like crazy – in a very short period of time – in order to acquire one of Ed's ONE of a KIND spindles. I appreciate the special effects, pretty fiber snack and wrap, and attention to prompt shipping.

    Can you imagine if there was a reverse camera on each of our computers filming the frenzy at each update? click-click-click-click-click – and for so many an argh!!! Lucky eight this time.

    Please provide specifics for buying a spindle during Palouse Fiber Arts Festival and also Black Sheep Gathering. Thank-you ~ happy spinning.


  3. I second the comments above! I was so surprised and pleased to get a fiber snack and of course, I had to spin immediately. Safely packaged, promptly shipped, beautiful treasures. I look forward to your blog posts and so appreciate your personal touches. I hope to get lucky again in the future.

    Best, Alice

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