4 Egrets, 3 Kuchulus and 2 Swans

Tonight starting at 6:05 pm, Pacific Time the spindles shown below will be posted in the store.

Aegeans and a few Finches will be posted later this week.
Sorry for this very late preview post – I needed to go to a medical appointment that ended up taking the lion’s share of the day. I’m happy to report that all is well.

To see the differences between the various styles which Ed has developed see the Spindle Style Comparison page.

Four Egrets 6:05pm
A181 KS Osage Orange 25g E82 Walnut 37g E80 KS Osage Orange 45g
E77 Juniper 37g

Three wee Kuchulus at 6:10 pm
K97 Pink Ivory 11g K94 Mexican Rosewood 11g K98 Tambootie 11g

Two Swans at 6:15 pm
S47 Bloodwood 49g S50 Rambutan 53g