2 Videos of joining singles

I often join the end of a freshly spun single to the previous singles for maximum yardage, especially when using one of Ed’s smaller spindles such as a Kuchulu. A number of people have requested a video of the process. Last fall I filmed one but the new video editing software got the best of me and I gave up after bumbling around with it far too long. Today two more singles needing joining and I decided to film it and devote the time necessary to figuring out how to edit it.

The videos are quite different and each has its merit: one join is with two laceweight singles, today’s join was with a dk weight and I’d remembered to leave the end of the fiber fluffed. I couldn’t decide which video people would find most useful so ended up uploading them both to YouTube.

I’d love to know which you find most useful!

Spinning Joins

Joining Two Spun Singles


  1. I can’t wait to watch these, thanks!

  2. Both videos are awesome and extremely helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to do these for us, Wanda!!!

    1. It’s great you found them helpful. Thank you!

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