March 2016

Schedule of the spindle postings in the Store. Today’s spindles, scheduled to appear in the store beginning at 1 pm (Pacific Time) are pictured at the top. Notice: When more than a handful (…Read More)

I apologize for yet another delay. The goal now is to have the preview pictures all posted within two hours. I’d want to post all three groupings as the same (…Read More)

A sick granddaughter needed to spend the day with us. Cuddling, drinking tea, reading books were followed by coming into the office with crayons, colorful ink pens and pencils. What started (…Read More)

The changing of the seasons always demands a change of duties in the office and trying to exercise patience while sorting through bits of papers, combing through bookwork, organizing and itemizing  in preparation (…Read More)

Our spindles come with a small fiber snack so you can immediately start spinning. Over the course of the next several updates we will introduce you, one by one to the dyers and (…Read More)

Nine Larks are lined up ready to fly to their new homes. They will be posted in the store, tomorrow, Saturday morning at 8:30 Pacific Time. Spindles come with a (…Read More)