Aegean Drawings

Feb 27, 7:40 a.m. The Drawing is now closed. Thank you everyone who has entered! I’ve enjoyed seeing so many people’s names again.

The numbers that were assigned to everyone will be entered into an online random numbers generator – one chronological group per spindle for two drawings. The numbers of the two drawn numbers will be posted here, on the blog, soon…

In celebration of 1500 FB YarnTools followers we’re having a Drawing to give two people the chance to buy one of two beautiful Aegeans which have been holding my heart since Ed made them.

Each spindle will have its own, separate drawing. An online Random Number Generator will be used to determine the two winning numbers.

These instructions must be followed to be eligible:
Email the following info to
(Sorry, comments here or at FB won’t count as entries.)
* In the Subject Heading write the name of the Aegean you’d like
i.e. Carob or Manzanita
* Your Name
* Zip Code — International people need to include their Country
* The Aegean you want to be entered for: Carob or Manzanita
By entering the spindle name twice it verifies that it is indeed the one you’re entering for.
* Closing time for entries will be at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, on Saturday Feb 27th. The two drawings will take place at 9:00 a.m. with the results posted here. PayPal invoices will be sent to the two people with the drawn numbers.
You may enter once; for the one Aegean you’d love to be able to buy at 15% off, plus S&H.
Within 24 hours you’ll receive a reply with your unique number for that spindle. Numbers will be assigned in the order that the emails are received. (Emails are only processed when I’m working at the office computer so please don’t expect a quick response as I’m often engaged in other work.)

A46 Carob 19gA60 Manzanita 24gThanks for entering, and for being such terrific customers!

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  1. Oh, those ARE gorgeous! I can see why you’ve loved them. 😀

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