Delights and Aegeans

Delights and Aegeans will be appearing in the store on Wednesday, Feb 10th at 11 and 11:15 am respectively. If you have recently purchased either of these types we ask that you give others this opportunity to buy one.

Five Delights at 11 am PST, Wednesday:
D16 Burmese Blackwood 37gD17 Canary 27gD18 Ebiara 27gD20 Marblewood 25g D22 Mora 29g
These Five Aegeans will appear in the store at 11:15 am PST on Wednesday:
A63 Carob 21gA65 Chilean Apple 19gA50 Manzanita 23gA68 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 16gA70 English Walnut 20gIf you haven’t read the previous post about Allison, the woman who Ed has trained in the art of spindle making, please do so. We’re very proud of her.