AGeary, Spindle Maker

We are thrilled to announce that Allison Geary has started making spindles for the sole purpose of supplying some spindles to a few of our previous spindle wholesalers, under her AGeary name. She will not be making spindles for us, or our stock supply.

Many of you have met Allison at Black Sheep Gathering and Oregon Flock and Fiber where we’ve shared booth space. We’ve been so blessed to have her work alongside us at shows! She’s an artist with excellent woodworking skills, knowledge of wood as well as a very capable salesperson.

Learning about Ed’s spindle designs.
DSC01050In 2012, when the demand for Jenkins spindles became too great for Ed to make without sacrificing his health, he reluctantly dropped all our wholesale accounts. Discovering Allison while shopping at a wood store he realized she had the savvy and spent time over the course of the following year teaching Allison to make crochet hooks, knitting needles, and hairpin lace looms. In 2014 Ed completely handed over that part of the business to her, with his blessings to establish her own independent business working out of Portland: AGearyWoodworks.

Last year Allison spent considerable time with Ed learning his methods of making a few of his styles of Turkish spindles with the goal of supplying them to some of our past wholesalers.

Allison turning a spindle shaft on Ed’s lathe:
Her spindles will debut this coming weekend, at the Madrona Fiber Arts festival in Tacoma, WA at the Carolina Homespun booth. Since they involve a great deal of individual work to get each one balanced for a terrific spin Allison is concentrating on three sizes to begin with:

Suffolk – based on Jenkins Swans
Targhee – based on Jenkins Egret
Dartmoor – based on Jenkins Delight

Isn’t it brilliant of her to think up sheep breed names for her line of spindles?!

Allison’s very first spindle.

Along with making spindles she learned to write the spindle wood name and weights on them. Lots of hot coffee helps.

The undersides of Allison’s first Suffolk spindles which are based on Ed’s Swans. DSC01100Her first Dartmoors waiting for their first coat of finish.
As well as being a terrific woodworker, Allison is also a spinner.


Allison’s first two Suffolk spindles taken for test spins.
Allison and Wanda will be delivering her first batch of spindles to Morgaine of Carolina Homespun at Madrona on Thursday. It will be fun to see them launched and to get feedback from people there. We would love to meet up with people to chat and spin. It will be a day trip from us with the need to be home before too late.

There will be a small group of Delights and Aegeans posted late Wednesday morning. Preview pictures



  1. This is fantastic news! Hurray for all of you! So great that Allison is starting with spindles. I got a couple of
    crochet hooks from her last year and a swift. They are all wonderful. I may be able to make it to Tacoma this weekend, but will miss you on Thursday (can’t get there until Sat.). Will Allison be at Black Sheep Gathering with you too?

  2. How exciting! Allison’s spindles look fantastic! Oh, how I wish I could be at that show to meet all of you. I’m sure it will be a wonderful day. 🙂

  3. This is wonderful news! I’m so glad you have chosen someone to carry on the Jenkins legacy. Best of luck to Allison in her endeavors!

  4. I hope yo be able to purchase an Aegean, but since I have a Delight and Kuchulu I guess I’ll be eliminated?

    1. You’re welcome to buy one! Our plea is to spindle collectors who already have a number of our spindles to give others the chance to buy before they add to their collection. We’re very grateful to all of our loyal customers! At the same time we’re aware of how hard it can be for those who may have a slower internet connection.

      1. I got mine and am so pleased that it’s on its way!

  5. It’s so great to discover young people with passion to match your own! Her spindles look lovely!

  6. How Wonderful that Ed is passing his artistry on like this. A truly beautiful legacy <3

  7. What wonderful news! Allison’s spindles look beautiful. What a blessing to share his wonderful talent and designs with her. It has to be a weight off his shoulders. I adore my Jenkins spindles.
    I’m thankful for your hearts.

  8. What a kind and generous thing to do! All the more reason to cherish my Jenkins spindles.

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