Wednesday Finches

Twelve Finches will be available in the website store with appearances beginning at 6 pm Wednesday, Feb 3rd., PST
Even though they’re all scheduled to automatically be in the store at 6 pm it usually takes a minute or two for all the spindles to randomly upload.
Limit of one.

F5 Purpleheart 12g F7 Tambootie 12g F9 Ebony 14g F10 Owyhee Mt Mahogany 12g F11 Mora 16g F12 Honey Mesquite 10g F13 Pear 10g F14 Spalted Tamarind 11g F17 Birdseye Maple 10g F18 Bocote 13g F19 Cocobolo 14g F20 Dalmata 13g


  1. These are so gorgeous! All of them!

  2. Hi,
    could you please consider some earlier updates in the next time? E.g. 12 noon PST?

    1. Oh, yes. The 6:00 pm pst on Wednesdays conflicts with something for me, too. I would love something earlier than 3:00 pm pst. But I will keep trying.

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