February 2016

Looking to spice up your spinning? Here are two ways: 1) A Workshop 2) Jenkins Woodworking Lovers’ Ravelry group for ongoing challenges and exploration. We’ll be at the Palouse Fiber (…Read More)

The winning numbers for the two Aegean drawings using an online random number generator. Carob Aegean: #31 ———————————————————————————————— Manzanita Aegean: #28 PayPal invoices will be sent to these two people (…Read More)

Feb 27, 7:40 a.m. The Drawing is now closed. Thank you everyone who has entered! I’ve enjoyed seeing so many people’s names again. The numbers that were assigned to everyone will be (…Read More)

Friendly, periodic reminder since this has been happening a lot recently: Perhaps it’s a phase of the moon, or alignment of stars, or…? Tthere have been lots of shaft mishaps. These slender pieces of (…Read More)

Half a dozen Egrets are lined up  to appear in the Store on Wednesday at 1:30 pm PST, ready to fly to their new homes. Please note: this Amazon Rosewood Egret is 49 (…Read More)

Delights and Aegeans will be appearing in the store on Wednesday, Feb 10th at 11 and 11:15 am respectively. If you have recently purchased either of these types we ask that (…Read More)

We are thrilled to announce that Allison Geary has started making spindles for the sole purpose of supplying some spindles to a few of our previous spindle wholesalers, under her AGeary (…Read More)

Twelve Finches will be available in the website store with appearances beginning at 6 pm Wednesday, Feb 3rd., PST Even though they’re all scheduled to automatically be in the store (…Read More)