Seven Aegeans

Aegeans will be posted in the Store Saturday, Jan 30th at 4:30 pm Pacific Time. Fast clicking to those who are trying to get their very first Aegean.

If you’ve been unsuccessful at getting a spindle don’t give up! There is a thread, Spindle Dreamers Drawing on our Jenkins Woodworking Group in Ravelry for people dreaming of their first Jenkins. You need to join the group and follow directions to be in the drawing pool. At the end of every month there will be a drawing for the opportunity to buy a spindle. The person whose number/name is drawn will let us know which type of spindle they’d like.

And now, Saturday’s spindles, in no order:

Lilac – $60
A45 Lilac 24g
A43 Holly 21gBoxwood – $60
A38 Boxwood 25g
A36 Apple 19g A31 Chilean Apple 21g A28 Bigleaf Maple 17g

Lacebark Elm – $65
A23 Lacebark Elm 21g