Larks and Swans

Eight Larks and Four Swans will appear in the Store Wednesday evening at 4:30 pm. Take this opportunity to check out the spindles and decide if there’s one calling your name.

L5 Cocobolo 25g L2 Vera 33g L3 Jobillo 26g L4 Pau Rosa 29gPicture just doesn’t do this Black Locust Lark justice. It has more character.
L11 Black Locust 23g
L10 Black & White Ebony 22gL8 Burmese Rosewood 29g L7 Burmese Rosewood 26g

S5 Canary 42gS10 Black Mesquite 37g S14 Ziricote 53g S11 Purpleheart 61g

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  1. What a wonderful surprise Wanda ! Thank-you for the partial post and opportunity to check out Ed’s spindles. What a splendid Swan perched at my doorstep and now too easily distracted 😉 Can you hear the whurr of the whings ? Thank-you for the BliSS ~

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