Kuchulus and Delights

Kuchulus™ will appear in the store January 13th at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.
Delights™  on Thursday evening, January 14th also at 6:00 pm.

The limit of one spindle will be enforced.

Kuchulus™  6:00 pm Wednesday Jan. 13th Pacific Time

K7 Black & White Ebony 10gK2 Birdseye Maple 8gK3 Birdseye Maple 8g K4 Pink Ivory 10g K5 Pink Ivory 10gK11 Tulipwood 8g K9 Vera 11g
Delights™  at 6:00 pm Thursday, Jan 14th Pacific Time
D14 Apple 25g

D5 Burmese Blackwood 35g D1 Chilean Apple 25gD11 Elm 29gD13 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 29g D7 Marblewood 26gD4 Purpleheart 34gD3 English Walnut 24g

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  1. They are all lovely!!


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