Delight, Egrets and Finches

Spindles! There will be spindles added to the store Wednesday, Jan 6th.

5 Delights at 6 pm (Pacific Time zone)
5 Egrets at 6:10 pm
8 Finches at 6:20 pm

Remember: limit of 1 spindle per person.
Delights at 6 pmD186 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 19g D185 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 21gD190 Birdseye maple 27gD182 English Walnut 26g D191 Holly 26g
Egrets at 6:10 pmE186 English Walnut 39g E189 Koa 28g E194 Pacific Yew 32g E196 Bigleaf Maple 33g
E193 Cherry 32gFinches at 6:20 pm
F244 Rosul 11gF245 Rosul 14g F246 Honey Mesquite 9g F247 Black & White Ebony 11g F248 Black & White Ebony 11g F249 Burmese Black 10g F242 Burmese Rose 12g F243 Burmese Rose 11g


  1. How does one determine which spindle is best for making singles? I’m fairly new to using drop spindles and haven’t used a Turkish one . Your suggestions are welcome.

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for asking! I wonder if you received the email reply I sent on Dec 21st. If you didn’t it was caught in your spam folder…
      When starting out most people spin a thicker single which a spindle with more weight/mass can handle better. So, of the three types coming to the store today (Wednesday) either Egrets or Delights will work great. Other than having enough mass to counteract the energy of thick singles I don’t worry about spindle weights too much. If you tend to spin chunky singles then stick with either a Delight that weighs more than 25 grams, Egrets above 32 grams, or a Swan – to be posted in a few days.

      1. Boy your husband’s spindles are a success. They are ALL sold out. Bravo. Between you responding and Rebecca Mezoff adding her input, I won’t hesitate next time there are spindles for sale. Thank you. Sue

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