January 2016

Aegeans will be posted in the Store Saturday, Jan 30th at 4:30 pm Pacific Time. Fast clicking to those who are trying to get their very first Aegean. If you’ve been (…Read More)

Eight Larks and Four Swans will appear in the Store Wednesday evening at 4:30 pm. Take this opportunity to check out the spindles and decide if there’s one calling your name. (…Read More)

News Flash for those who’ve dreamed of owning their very first Jenkins spindle! There is now a thread at the Jenkins Woodworking Ravelry forum called Spindle Dreamer’s Drawing. A drawing will (…Read More)

Kuchulus™ will appear in the store January 13th at 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Delights™  on Thursday evening, January 14th also at 6:00 pm. The limit of one spindle will be enforced. Kuchulus™  6:00 pm (…Read More)

Spindles! There will be spindles added to the store Wednesday, Jan 6th. 5 Delights at 6 pm (Pacific Time zone) 5 Egrets at 6:10 pm 8 Finches at 6:20 pm Remember: limit of (…Read More)

Until Ebo, our kitten, entered our lives we’d not worried about pets gleefully chewing on a shaft, gnawing the arms or worrying the fiber. Ebo has the potential to be (…Read More)