There will be two groupings of spindles posted in the Store Saturday, Feb 21st, at 9 am and 4 pm, Pacific Time, in order to give people in different time (…Read More)

2.13.15 Jesse has been hard at work behind the scenes in the website with the goal of making the buying experience smoother for everyone. Right now his goal is to have everything in place (…Read More)

Whoa, the past three days are a blur. We put on more mileage in those days than we normally drive in three weeks. Much of the driving was wood related, (…Read More)

A number of people have contacted us with three requests: How can I buy a spindle? Once Ed has made a batch and they’re ready to go, they will be posted in the website Store. (…Read More)

Hooray, the website is up and running! Thanks to Jesse at Mardesco and the tech people at the new host server, DreamHost, who all patiently held my hand helped to (…Read More)