Sunday evening Spindles

If all goes as planned tomorrow afternoon there will be Larks, Delights and Aegeans available on Sunday, Dec 13 starting at 6 pm Pacific Time.

Please give people who would love to buy one to give as a present this opportunity. There will still be more coming next week but the window for mailing packages to arrive by the 24th is getting narrow. Based on statistics international parcels won’t arrive until after the 25th.

6 pm – Six Aegeans Gr2 12.12 Gr1 12.12 Gr3 12.126:10 pm Six DelightsGr1 12.12 Gr2 12.12

6:20 pm Ten Larks
Gr2 12.12 Gr3 12.12 Gr4 12.12 Gr1 12.12