Swans for Thursday

Storms are still battering the Pacific Northwest. If Ed hadn’t rigged up a sump pump years ago our front yard as well as his shop would be flooding. The first winter after we’d moved here, ages ago, the yard was flooded to the point where our young kids literally padded the canoe in the back yard. They had a blast. Ed not so much with the water running into his shop. In the following years we put in a great deal of labor digging trenches to lay drainage pipes as well as bringing in soil to rise the height of our property so it was no longer the lowest point in town. But there’s a point between our house and the shop that has settled and collects water when the rains are relentless. We need to hire a backhoe to handle that job.

I’m hoping the update that WP rolled out this morning will have solved the problem we were having with the premium shipping feature.  The only way to find out is to post a few Swans.

Here are the six Swans that will be in the Store at 11:30 am tomorrow, Thursday Dec 10th.
12.10 10:15 am ETA: Two more swans have joined the flock making a total of eight (8) Swans in the store.

Grp4 12.10Grp3 12.9 Grp1 12.9 Grp2 12.9