Swans, Storms and Surprises

Swans won’t be posted in the Store today as expected. The shopping cart/shipping software has been doing strange things which I’ve not yet resolved. We’re hoping that things will be worked out before the week is out.

Yesterday Ed rough-cut Delight blanks. They should be ready to work sometime next week. Usually they hang to dry in the shop but these days he’s not lighting a fire so they’re hanging in the house to dry.

We’ve been inundated with wind and rain storms in the Pacific NW with one heavy storm following quickly on the heels of the previous. In this area yesterday we had the highest rainfall in 24 hours on record and it was the warmest December 7th on record. This morning it was 62F when we woke up at 6. All the snow that fell in the Cascade and Coast Ranges last week is melting adding to the floods.

It should be an interesting trip into Salem to watch our preschool granddaughter participate in a Christmas program. She’s so excited about singing that we don’t want to disappoint her by not being there.

A view of our creek taken in AugustDSC00060Some view point this morning:DSC01182This past Saturday we went to a Christmas bazaar about an hour’s drive away in small town to encourage our daughter who had a table at her very first bazaar selling her lotions. Imagine our surprise to see a spinner right inside the door. Not just any spinner but Lauren, spinning with a Delight. Lauren had taken a spinning workshop from me a couple years ago. Picture taken with our cheap cell phone. It was fun to see, and talk with you Lauren!

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  1. Greetings Wanda, So sorry you are having cart issues and do hope they are resolved soon but what a wonderful post you treated us to. It’s awesome to see all those spindles hanging to dry, and the river pictures truly are incredible. So great you are traveling for such fun reasons – Please post more pictures, you really do live in an amazing part of the country!

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