Friday’s Spindles

All times are Pacific Standard Time

Delights, Swans and Larks will appear in the Store first starting at 9 am, Friday Dec 4th. For some reason the program often doesn’t load all the spindles at the scheduled time, often it takes a minute or two for all to load. If you don’t see the one you want to try to buy reload your browser.

9:00 am – Six Delights
9:05 – Six Swans
9:10 – Three Larks

Six Delights
Group1 12.3 Group2 12.39:05 Six Swans (why do I want to add “a swimming”?)
Grp2 12.3 Grp1 12.3 Grp3 12.39:10 Three Larks
Grp1 12.3
I hope to get pictures taken, edited and uploaded of a few Egrets on Saturday at 4 pm.

This evening I get to fiddle as part of the group providing music for this  town’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in the town park. We’re hoping the predicted windstorm and rains miss this area!


  1. Do you sell the Lark online? I would be interested in purchasing one.

    1. Yes, when Ed gets them made. He needs to make another batch one of these days.

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