December 2015

If all goes as planned tomorrow afternoon there will be Larks, Delights and Aegeans available on Sunday, Dec 13 starting at 6 pm Pacific Time. Please give people who would love (…Read More)

Storms are still battering the Pacific Northwest. If Ed hadn’t rigged up a sump pump years ago our front yard as well as his shop would be flooding. The first winter (…Read More)

Swans won’t be posted in the Store today as expected. The shopping cart/shipping software has been doing strange things which I’ve not yet resolved. We’re hoping that things will be worked (…Read More)

Six Egrets are getting ready to appear Saturday afternoon (Pacific Standard Time) at 4 pm. The Manzanita Egret will be $65. All others will be $62. There will be Swans (…Read More)

All times are Pacific Standard Time Delights, Swans and Larks will appear in the Store first starting at 9 am, Friday Dec 4th. For some reason the program often doesn’t (…Read More)