Rolling out Aegeans

Here’s the preview picture of the first group of Aegeans which will be posted at 10 am, Pacific Time, tomorrow morning Tuesday, Nov 10th.
Gr1 11.10Group 2 will be in the store at 2:30 pm Nov 10th. 
Gr2 Nov.10
Group 3 will be posted in the store Thursday morning at 9:30.
Gr3 Nov 12
There will possibly be more Aegeans posted on Saturday. Their group pictures will be posted on the blog as soon as possible, along with the times of their store appearances.

Yes! Ed’s been hard at it. After a week filled with unexpected interruptions and being away it’s catch-up time in the office.


  1. I was just introduced to Mr Jenkins’ spindles this past weekend at Fibermania in Grants Pass. I’m not new to spinning but have had difficulty using a wheel. I have tried a drop spindle and even though it’s slow going, I am able to actually make yarn.
    Is it always this difficult to buy a spindle? They seem to be very much in demand! And they’re absolutely beautiful. Do I just watch the blog and then try to jump in first? I looked at the shop at 2:46pm and everything was gone!
    Any advice you have would be gratefully appreciated.
    Thank you, Mary

    1. Thanks for trying to get one of our spindles! Yes, it can take a number of attempts before successfully getting one as they tend to sell out within minutes of being posted. (Aegeans and Finches are the most popular)
      RSS the blog and/or Like the YarnTools FaceBook page to learn of upcoming spindle releases. And there are also times that we randomly post spindles in the webstore without any announcement.
      More Aegeans will be posted Thursday and a few more on Saturday. Finches and Larks will also soon be available. Hope this helps. Wanda

  2. Glad to see all the beautiful spindles.

    1. Thanks Ellen!

  3. Hi,

    Just wanted to inform (bit late) that my Cherry Aegean arrived to Finland in record time. It took only about a week this time. I love my new spindle.

    1. Hooray for such a quick delivery to you!

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