November 2015

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Pictures of tomorrow’s group picture spindles are first, scroll down for the Saturday spindles that I’ve managed to get ready, so far. I’m hoping (…Read More)

Thursday morning, Nov 19 at 9 Pacific Time, these beauties will be in the store. The next set will appear in the store on Saturday, Nov 21st at 1pm. A couple of (…Read More)

Four Aegeans will appear in the store at 9:30 am (PST) Thursday, Nov 12 followed by eight more Saturday, November 14th at 3 pm. Preview of Thursday’s spindles: The Saturday (…Read More)

Here’s the preview picture of the first group of Aegeans which will be posted at 10 am, Pacific Time, tomorrow morning Tuesday, Nov 10th. Group 2 will be in the store at (…Read More)