Larks on the Rise

Ten Larks, Groups 1 & 2, will be posted in the Store on Saturday, Oct 31st, at 11:30 am (Pacific Daylight Time).
Twelve more Larks, Groups 3 & 4, will appear at 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon.
Egrets will be available Tuesday, Nov 3rd at 3:30 pm.

Warning to International customers – Buy at your own risk!
We will not guarantee that a spindle will be delivered within a reasonable time or that it won’t get lost in transit. Slow deliveries (6+ weeks) and spindles lost en route since summer makes us extremely reluctant to sell spindles overseas.

10 Larks (Groups 1 & 2) will be in the Store at 11:30 am Oct 31st.
Gp1 10.31Gp2 10.3112 Larks (Groups 3 & 4) will appear at 1:30 pm, Pacific Time, Oct 31st
Gp3 10.31
Gp4 10.31


  1. Hi again Wanda,

    Did you say when the Aegean’s would be available?

    Thanks, Michelle

    1. No, Aegeans haven’t yet been announced as Ed has had to make more. (Aegeans were posted Oct 14 & 16th.)
      Upcoming spindles are usually announced 2 – 3 days before they’re posted in the store. Right now it looks like the next group of Aegeans will ready around the end of next week.

      1. Thanks Wanda,

        I’m afraid I didn’t find out about you guys until just recently, and I’m so glad I did. I can be patient. 🙂

        Very best,

  2. Oh, my! My Lark arrived this afternoon with some Abstract fiber to spin. She is absolutely beautiful, and she spins like a dream. She is Osage Orange with a Walnut shaft. Thank you so very much Ed and Wanda.

    1. Thank you!

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