Coming Finches

Two flights of Finches will appear in the Store this week.
The limit of one (1) Finch will be strictly enforced. This means that out of the 20 Finches which will be available Wednesday and Saturday one per person/household may be purchased.

If you’re an international buyer please note that we can not guarantee delivery, nor will we be held responsible for spindles lost in the mail. USPS can take no action in tracing a package once it leaves the US.

Ten spindles will all be available Wednesday evening, Oct 21st at 6 pm Pacific Time.
Group1 10.20Group2 10.20Another set of ten Finches will be posted on Saturday, Oct 24th at 4 pm.Group3 10.20Group4 Finches 10.20


  1. Hello,

    Are there any more spindles left to purchase?

    And do I create an account to make the purchase?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Thanks for asking! Larks will be posted on Thursday this week followed by Egrets and possibly Aegeans on Saturday.

      You do not need to create an account to buy a spindle.

      1. Awesome, thanks so much Wanda! How do I make a purchase?

        Best, Michelle

        1. Wednesday there will be a blog post showing group pictures of the Larks that will be available in the store on Thursday, as well as the time that they’ll be available to buy. When they’re available for purchase there will be Add to Cart buttons. I usually announce upcoming spindles on the blog and on the YarnTools Facebook page at least a day in advance.

          1. Thank you again! My fingers are crossed that there will be one for me to buy!

            Very best, Michelle

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