Spindles to be posted this week

Two batches each, of Aegeans and Delights, and a batch of Kuchulus will be posted in the website store this week.

If you have one of these types please give people who are trying for their very first Jenkins spindle a good chance to get one.

The first set will appear on Tuesday, Oct 13th
Aegeans 1st Group @ 3pm  (Pacific Daylight Time)Gp2 10.12.15Delights Group 1 @ 3:30pm
Grp1 10.12.15T
he following Aegeans and Delights will be posted in the store on Saturday, Oct 17th
Aegeans @ 10:30 am  (Note, this is group 2, not 1 as labelled)
Grp1 10.12.15
Delights @ 10:50 am on Saturday
Grp2 10.12.15K
uchulus will be posted Thursday, Oct 15th @ 6:30pm
Kuchulu group 10.12.15


  1. Looking forward to getting my very first Agean, Lark or Delight!!

    1. Best wishes for your getting one!

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