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Oct 5th  Ed and I took several days to spend time with the grandchildren on school break. It’s now time to do some serious catching up in the office.


In the past several months we’ve had spindle packages unaccountably delayed in the postal systems and some lost in transit. USPS First Class had an excellent track record during past 15 years of delivering Ed’s products in padded envelopes in a timely manner. Over the course of the years some people requested the item sent Priority and invariably it would arrive the same day as other items sent to the same area via 1st Class were also delivered.

We started noticing a shift earlier in the year and by August we started becoming concerned that items were taking as much as a week to be delivered to places where previously it’d taken only 2 or 3 days. Lately even Priority has taken up to a week at least the post office seems take Priority package claims more seriously.

International delivery has become even worse.  Within the past two months two spindles have been lost. It’s with great reluctance that we’ve concluded that we can’t guarantee delivery of our spindles to other countries. The postmistress has recommended sending domestic items in boxes via Priority which for International packages is unrealistically high, starting at $26 / package though more often costing upward of $40 depending on spindle weight and destination.

New shipping policy & changes:

US buyers: $6 Priority

International, other than Canada:

US: $6 – Priority Mail

10.15 Change to International: We can not guarantee delivery!
We will not be held responsible if a package is lost in transit. Once a parcel leaves the US the fate of the package is out of our hands; USPS has no control over it. 
I’ve run into numerous hurdles trying to send via Registered Mail so that isn’t a viable option.

1st Class  $12.50  Delivery of spindle is NOT guaranteed.

Canada: 1st Class International


Spindles are slowly being photographed then edited. A few Spindles will occasionally be posted randomly from time to time this week until all the spindles pictures have been taken and edited. Once that huge task is finished we’ll go back to announcing spindle updates ahead of time.


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    1. Click on the little RSS feed icon at bottom of the blog page and you’ll receive automatic blog updates.

  2. ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh! that’s hard. 1/3 of the price for a spindle for shipping is very, very much… 🙁

    1. I know. 🙁
      We hated to make this change since the Shipping will be so expensive. Sadly three spindles have been “lost” in transit since August and we can’t keep absorbing the cost of wayward spindles.

  3. I understand the problem with lost mail, but think about an option that we can choose whether we want first class or first class registered mail. For an international customer it is neither fair nor economical to pay nearly half the price of a spindle in shipping costs as well as have to pay customs feed. This minimizes the chance for international buyers for your spindles. And as for the delivery time, one should be patient enough to wait one week for a spindle (I have even wait longer), despite the fact that most of us try to get one for months … so a few days longer for delivery won’t hurt.

    1. Thank you for weighing in with your perspective as an international customer.

      I’m very sorry that we’ve had to make this change, it’s not really what we wanted to do but have been forced into by a mail system that’s no longer reliable with handling First Class mail.

      Unfortunately when a spindle is lost in transit, as has happened more than once since August(!), we have to absorb the cost. Until this summer there were a number of times when a spindle languished in transit for 6 weeks or more. Once a parcel leaves the US the mail handlers rarely scan the tracking number making it impossible for anyone to know where it might be. Registered Mail requires each person that handles the parcels to record and sign a record which brings accountability and makes the parcel traceable if it should go astray or get hung up in customs.

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