October 2015

Preview pictures of the thirteen Egrets which will be flying in the store on Tuesday, Nov 3rd at 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Ten Larks, Groups 1 & 2, will be posted in the Store on Saturday, Oct 31st, at 11:30 am (Pacific Daylight Time). Twelve more Larks, Groups 3 & 4, will appear at (…Read More)

Two flights of Finches will appear in the Store this week. The limit of one (1) Finch will be strictly enforced. This means that out of the 20 Finches which will (…Read More)

Sometimes the best of intentions and planning encounter long, slow climbs, getting buried, finding ourselves on unexpected sidetracks which couldn’t be avoided. We’re hoping to be fully back on track next Tuesday, smoothly (…Read More)

Oct 5th  Ed and I took several days to spend time with the grandchildren on school break. It’s now time to do some serious catching up in the office. IMPORTANT SHIPPING (…Read More)