Kuchulus and Delights

Finally, two groups of spindles will be posted, tomorrow Thursday, August 27

First up will be Kuchulus at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time.
Not sure of the time difference? Check this world map or world clock if looking by major city is easier for you. Los Angelos and Seattle are both in the Pacific Zone.

The Kuchulus that will be available in the Store tomorrow.6 kuchulus


Delights will show up in the store at 1:30 pm PDT.
6 DelightsWe think we’ve fixed the odd problem that people experienced when using an Android phone with getting looped back to the cart after being directed to PayPal but not able to login. To be on the safe side, use a difference device if possible.

Ed had to rough-cut a bunch of blanks to make Aegeans so it’s been a wait as the blanks dried. He’s begun making them with the expectation of putting them on the website next week.