Delights and Finches

Half a dozen Delights and six Finches will be posted tomorrow morning, Saturday August 15th.

Finches will be up first at 7:30am Pacific Daylight Time
Delights at 7:55am PDT.

Kuchulus and Larks will make an appearance next week.

A phone call from Ed’s dad changed today from a normal babysitting our granddaughter/work Friday to taking her to spend a good chunk of the day traveling and hanging out with him, his wife and several of their friends. We’d thought to be home early enough to post preview spindles on the blog but it’s now almost my bedtime and tomorrow is promising to be a busy day.

We stopped at a peach orchard coming home and bought a lug of beautiful peaches to can tomorrow. Another canner full of green beans are waiting in the garden.  Ears of corn are almost ready to be harvested. Another week and we should be enjoying fresh corn. mmmm

DSC09925The productive, satisfying days of summer!