Summer Fun

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DSC09590We had a wonderful time with our grandkids last week! We swam and played at the local falls (pictured above) the first day then while the temperature soared to 100F here we escape to the Oregon coast for a couple of days. Though we live only 90 miles from the ocean it’d been almost 3 years since we’d been there.
DSC09607We spent some time with my sister and friends from the days when our kids were little together. We played in the surf and sand as well as throwing pots out into the bay in hopes of some crabs (Ed and our son caught lots but only one was a keeper) and explored a tidal pool during low tide.

Ed’s making Swans today and a few kuchulus are in the Store.


  1. So glad you got to enjoy the beach, too! (We NEED to ride there again together!) My spindles are finally getting a work-out again, thanks to the TdF kickstarting me. Now I’m doing the Fall Mini SAL. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for spinning along in the TdF and now the Fall Mini SAL, especially with your very full schedule full of varied responsibilities.

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