August 2015

Finally, two groups of spindles will be posted, tomorrow Thursday, August 27 First up will be Kuchulus at 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. Not sure of the time difference? Check this (…Read More)

Please don’t use an Android phone when buying a spindle – at least until the problem is resolved. Customers with Androids have gotten caught in a loop between the cart (…Read More)

Half a dozen Delights and six Finches will be posted tomorrow morning, Saturday August 15th. Finches will be up first at 7:30am Pacific Daylight Time Delights at 7:55am PDT. Kuchulus (…Read More)

More work has gone into shoring up the website to make it function smoothly and correctly. As a result we have an SSL certificate on it. Please make sure that (…Read More)