Ongoing website news.

The two spindle updates that happened last week brought about still more problems with people adding a spindle to their cart only to not see it once they clicked on the cart.

Since then I’ve been emailing and chatting with the host server support people as well as our developer and an international customer who did a lot of testing from various devices and platform.

We did narrow the problem down to happening when a person is logged in before adding an item to the cart – which is the opposite of what had been happening before more code was written.

So, my advice, for the next time spindles are available is to put one in your cart before logging in.

The host server team recommended adding an SSL certification, which is in the process of being installed. Then we’ll try another small, unannounced run. The timing isn’t great. I’m having a molar pulled tomorrow – the root has cracked :(. Next week our son is coming for a visit with his kids so we’ll be riding bikes, playing at the creek, and other fun stuff with them.

By the first week of August I plan to post spindles on a regular basis. Hooray! Other than the two small postings last week, it’s been quite the dry spell this summer. Literally and with spindles. We’ve had less rain than Phoenix, Arizona this year! It’s been since the end of May that we last had any rain here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spinning flax on an Egret for the Tour de Fleece which ends this weekend. Spinning only 20 minutes or so a day makes for slow going. I’ve been keeping the moisture to a minimum and liberally using Wood Beams on the shaft daily.DSC09495


  1. Hi Wanda,
    I’m glad you sort it out. I hope the certification will help a little bit and I’m not totally unlogged here. This way, I may have a chance 😀
    Thank you very much for trying so much for us ! 😉

  2. Wanda – if there’s an art festival in your town this year, submit this photograph. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Hi,

    get well soon, my mom had the same operation two weeks ago – and have a good time with the kids. I hope the website will be ok with the next updates, I think that the critical amount of people who want a spindle is the main problem 🙂 I’ts looks for me like the same problem a DDOS attack causes, only without the intention to take the website down.

  4. Aren’ t grandchildren great? I enjoy mine so much. Have fun! Hope the molar is no more trouble. I am still crossing my fingers to hop into your store once and find a lovely Egret or Aegean waiting for me.

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