Black Sheep Gathering 2015

This year the vendors were put into the big exhibition center at the Lane Co Fairgrounds instead of the barns near the fiber animals where everyone has been placed for the past 40+ years. What a lovely change! We did miss the ambiance of having the animals close by but the trade off was to our advantage with air-conditioning and clean, abundant restrooms without the notoriously long lines.

Here’s a pictorial recap of our experience:
Jude delighted in the walking wheel she’d ordered ahead of time. This one is #9. We were located next to the spinning circles in the middle of the hall, perfect for Ed (and Susan & Cathy) to help set up the wheel and let her play.

Saturday afternoon Judith Mackenzie stopped by to give it a spin, much to everyone’s delight.

DSC09231DSC09229The Walnut Wheel, #7 also sold. Great Wheels can be a bit temperamental, especially the Minor’s Head after being moved. I’d had loads of fun spinning cotton on it in May but it needed some fine tuning and sweet talking to get it running sweetly at the show.
(Our most treasured helper Allison is in the background.. Black Sheep would have been a disaster if she hadn’t been there to help!)

Only one picture of the spindles in the booth which is crazy, they’re our main product. Most of the time we were too busy to think about picking up the camera.
DSC09222These two mother / daughter pairs flew out from the east coast to experience Black Sheep. Shilo, pictured right, was instrumental in organizing the Jenkins meetup Saturday evening. DSC09225We had a good time at the meet-up despite the low numbers. By Saturday evening most people just want to relax in a restaurant and unwind. We both prefer smaller groups where we can actually interact with each other so it worked out great. We both loved getting to know these people much better.DSC09238I’d planned to hold a bunch of drawings for various spindles but after a rough start to the show we had to scale way back and just draw for three of the Icelandic sheep horn spindles. The entry slips of an individual spindle’s envelope were stirred before getting dumped into Ed’s hat where stirred and shaken vigorously again.
two Wandas

Then people at the table took turns pulling one slip out of the hat held above the head. Three happy people became owners of a horn spindle Saturday evening.
DSC09242Another delighted horn buyer showing her spinning Sunday morning.DSC09265

The woman next to me, Shilo’s mom is also Wanda. Her husband’s name is Ed, how fun is that!

We held drawings for four more horn spindles on Sunday. When Ed gets more made we’ll continue to hold drawings for them here on the website blog.

Sunday morning Martha brought her walking wheel to set up in the spinning circle. She bought wheel #4 during last year’s Black Sheep Gathering.

Early Sunday morning in the sheep barn.

We’re still taking it easy and resting. Ed’s done a few needed chores and I’ve done a bit of office work but otherwise we’re laying low this week.
Next week  the spindles that returned home with us will be organized and inventoried then begin the process of picture taking and editing. Once everything is in order spindles will be added to the store, most likely the second week of July.


  1. Great to see all the photos. Sad I missed it but glad I’ll see you two at OFFF. I’m so jealous I didn’t get to see Judith playing on the Walking wheel that would have been absolutely amazing to watch! Glad to hear you two are taking it easy. 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!! And I love the coincidence of another Ed & Wanda! Glad you are both taking some time to rest up and relax after working so hard to get ready for this show. Thanks for sharing the adventure in pictures!


  3. Thanks so much, Wanda, for all the wonderful photos and the commentary from BSG. We couldn’t make it this summer and so missed you and Ed and all your great wheels and spindles. So glad it went well and also glad that you’re taking it easy now.

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