BSG Info and Great News!

The headlong whirl of preparation will slide to a stop tomorrow morning. We look forward to seeing so many of you at Black Sheep Gathering this weekend! We won’t be accessing work emails while there. Any communications that might come in will be handled once we’ve recovered and can think straight.

Don’t fret if you can’t get there until Saturday, or even Sunday. We display a limited number of spindles to help facilitate the buying process. Too many spindle choices have the effect of a deer caught in headlights.

In an effort to be as efficient as possible we will not dig through the supply of spindles that are still in stock. You’re welcome to come back throughout the day to see what new ones might be displayed.

There will be a limit to how many you may buy at a time or per day, a number we’ve not yet settled on though in past years three has been a good number. If you’re planning to buy for a friend, or two, or three, it will helpful to limit them to one or two spindles. We want all the customers who attend to have a good choice of spindles to select from, even those who can not make it until Sunday. (Ed and I have both had jobs where we had to work Saturdays, which can be a real bummer.)

There will be a Jenkins Meetup near the potluck on Saturday evening at 5:30 (or thereabouts). Yes, BSG has a potluck! SuDan farms cooks up the best bar-b-q lamb you’ll ever have. (No charge!) Bring a dish for the potluck tables and join in the good times.

During the Meetup we’ll host some drawings for some spindles. There will be entry slips of paper at the booth to fill out and put into an envelope during Friday & Saturday.  Entries submitted only at the booth and spindles will need to be picked up at Black Sheep once the drawing is complete.

There will be a prize spindle given to the person who shows off a Jenkins spindle spun project at the Saturday Meetup. Winner will be selected by all the participants based on applause, cheers and enthusiasm.

The best news is left for last! Ed successfully made some horn spindles!!!DSC09166With so many people anxious to buy a horn spindle, and given how hard they’ve been for Ed to successfully make, we will hold daily drawings each afternoon for horn spindles. They will be displayed at the booth along with paper entry slips for the drawing. One entry per person. The time for the drawings will be posted each day.

Yikes! It’s past my bedtime.


  1. I knew there was a(nother) reason I should have moved to the West Coast – one has better access to Jenkins spindles there. Now this East Coaster has to go spin some and work out the envy…

    1. We still dream of doing an epic show on the East Coast.

      1. Or the center portion maybe? MFF?

  2. I’m also working out my frustration over not being on the West Coast!!! OH, how I’d love to be there at the show:) Those of us who are stuck in the mid-west long for a show to come to our area as well…hint, hint, hint Wanda & Ed:) Hoping you have a wonderful show!

  3. Love the horn spindles. I think you need to come to the Michigan fiber festival as a vender

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