In the Works

Ed’s been splitting his work day into making spindles for the first 5 – 6 hours then tackling wheels in the afternoon. It’s a method that’s been working well for the past several months.

Even with his dedication and focus he’s just now closing in on the numbers needed for Black Sheep Gathering June 19 – 21. Basically there’s only this week and next week left to make items to take.

A number of people have written asking if there will be horn spindles at Black Sheep. So far Ed’s not been able to make any more. After wasting a few days trying to make them he realized he needed to concentrate on making regular spindles before losing any more time. He would love to make some in time for the show.

Knowing there will not be enough horn spindles to sell to everyone who’d like to buy them we plan to either have periodic drawings each day or to have a Jenkins Meetup and hold one mass drawing. (Dependent on if/how many Ed can make.)

Last year a couple of wonderful people offered to organize the Meetup. (Thanks Evanita and Susan!) We’re usually exhausted, sometimes voiceless at the end of the day but enjoyed the relaxed meetup and it’d be fun to do it again.

This year all the booths as well as the spinning circle will be inside the fairground’s convention center which will be closed and locked at 5 pm. The schedule lists the potluck at 5:30 as well as at 6:30. It might work to have the meetup during that time. People could get their food and we could all eat together then have the drawings. There’s a fantastic, enthusiastic, loads-of-fun Shepherd’s Lead at 8 pm following the potluck.

We’ll keep you posted. If you’d like to organize a meet-up please let me know.

This morning Ed made the last group of Kuchulus.

Meticulously sanding each piece:
The tops
DSC09004The sides.DSC09007.DSC09008Every spindle receives this type of hands on attention. Sanding the tiny Kuchulus and wee Finches especially takes a toll on Ed’s skin.

Great Wheel, aka walking wheel, number 9 is finished!
DSC08972Spinning with the direct drive was bliss. The Minor’s Head will get its turn next.
Yesterday the four great wheels were set up in our back yard for a photo session. Our ground is quite uneven, as evidenced by the tilt of the right side wheel. It really doesn’t lean that way.

Left to right:
#9 Bigleaf Maple(BLM) & Ash rim; #7 Walnut & Ash; #6 BLM & Oak; #8 BLM & OakFour GW front Four GW sideviewAll but the Walnut wheel, #7, have been purchased. Number 7 will be available at BSG.


  1. Ed does amazing work. The Great Wheels are regal and spectacular. A true gift and blessing.

  2. the wheels are beautiful! maybe i’ll see you at black sheep…i would love to attend the meetup. oh, and i love my new kuchulu!

  3. Aaah! Those wheels are gorgeous! What wonderful additions to the world! All the best to you and Ed, Wanda. We won’t be able to make it to BSG this year, so have a fabulous time. Wish we could be there.

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