A quick update

Two items:

1) Our granddaughter is unexpectedly spending the day with us. As a result office time will be limited to nap time. Spindles will be mailed as possible, what doesn’t make it to the Post Office today will be mailed by tomorrow. Emails will be answered as time permits

2) We received many emails and attachments showing what people experienced during Saturday’s update. Knowing what people experienced is helpful tracking down the shopping cart behaved.

It appears that even with the 800 lines of additional Cart coding that Jesse wrote the cart was still overwhelmed by the almost 10,000 hits within that 45 minute period. From screen shots and observations it appears that at times the cart/spindle was caught in a loop, and/or some accounts also became trapped in a sort of Twilight Zone.

For now, a little girl wants to walk to the playground…


  1. Enjoy the day with your granddaughter. You deserve the down time.

  2. Just wondering…. Is it possible to have a drawing for spindles on the same day as the purchases from the store? Would it be too much work? Maybe a drawing one week and the store purchases the next week? I miss the drawings you used to have, they were fun, even just to watch. Plus I won a spindle that way and I think the odds might be better than trying to beat 10,000 hits for a spindle.

  3. Ed has created a monster of desire with his wonderful spindles! (Glad I got mine before the rush. 😉

  4. isn’t it wonderful how much sought-after you and your spindles are?! 🙂

    greetings — haexe

  5. I agree with Cathy P. I never seem to make it to the site in time to even look at a spindle. I loved the random number drawing. I too got a spindle that way. And it was kind of like a game…the anticipation…the wait…the reveal. I know you guys are swamped. Yet I find the web site actually not as user friendly as the RNAs. That at least gave me time to window shop and a time frame with which to respond. Maybe there could be some sold in the site and some through an RNA. I know not everyone can be pleased, and I know Ed is swamped. Just my thoughts. <3

  6. I think you both do a wonderful job posting preview pictures of the spindles before they go on sale on the website. That way, people can look ahead of time. You also do a great job communicating when the spindles will go on sale, and the website developer has done fabulous work making sure the site runs well.

    I believe that while different than the old lotteries, this new system will allow you and Ed to concentrate on making those gorgeous spindles, and getting them out to more people. For what it’s worth, I really feel like its a better use of your time and I appreciate the time and effort it’s taken to switch to this new system. Thanks for all you both do!

  7. Hi Wanda and Ed
    My beautiful swan arrived in Oz today! It was lovely to unwrap, Thankyou for your thoughtfulness in the wrapping and Ed’s workmanship and spindle details scribed onto the spindle.
    Ten thousand hits! Wow, I never managed a spindle in the draw ever and even though it was difficult accessing the website due to the wonderful interest Ed’s spindles evoke (it took a constant ninety minutes of endeavor), I managed to land one!
    I agree with the previous comment, the previewing before the day, the limit of numbers of spindles people can purchase along with the time allowed to purchase make for a fair playing field.
    Thankyou both

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