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Saturday, April 25th
A number of people experienced great disappointment today when they thought they had a spindle in their cart. Then they clicked in the Proceed to Check-out page only to find it was not in their cart.

When you place a spindle in your cart take the following message seriously:
“This item is in your cart. Please proceed to checkout to prevent the item from being claimed by another customer…”

The item is secured in your cart the moment you proceed to checkout. Until you click the Proceed to Checkout it is possible that someone else who simultaneously clicked on that same spindle will be able to buy it.

Due to the high volume of clicks on spindles the moment they’re release the odds are high that a number of people will click on the same spindle at the same moment.

The cart is set up this way to prevent people from adding a bunch of spindles to their cart then leisurely deciding which one they wanted. This was a very real problem before Jesse wrote new code to prevent people from hoarding spindles in their carts.

With a limited number of spindles at each update there will always be some type of log-jam happening. We ask you to have lots of patience and not to lose hope in getting one eventually. If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get a spindle for several months please send me a message through the Contact



  1. I was one of the disappointed shoppers trying to snag one of those maple Finches, but i’m glad you try to make it fair for everyone. I’ll comfort myself by spinning a bit on my beloved Kuchulu, LOL!

    1. Thanks for your positive attitude and understanding, Lisa! We do try to be fair and accommodating as possible.

  2. I also experienced disappointment. Got the message it was in my cart, but alas it was not. It is a fair way because everyone is on an equal playing field. I will enjoy the spindle I have and wait until next time. Thank Ed for his passion in making spindles so we can enjoy our passion of spinning and knitting. Win Win

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